Osaka is the city gets even more lively at night. Smoking is a big part of the culture, but we take you to

If you're looking for a truly Japanese experience, but want more to experience a different side of Japanese cuisine, then this is the tour for you! We'll first try some spectacular tempura in a small restaurant, but you'll never guess how the orders are placed! Then we'll head to an unique little restaurant on the top floor of a small building for some regional food from western Japan. You can enjoy the custom soundtrack here and light and airy atmosphere! From there, we'll have try a few types of excellent sake along with some unique snacks. Lastly, we'll head to a secret restaurant underground where you'll experience a unique variety of desserts and delicious hand-made drinks.

Tour Schedule:

5pm – 8:15pm
(Please contact us if the tour isn't available on your preferred date)

Meeting Place:

McDonald’s Temma (In front of JR Tenma Station)



Guest Requirements:

Minimum 2 people
(Non-smoking environment and fun activities, especially for children)


13,000 yen/person
*Various kinds of food are included

Place & Food:

1. Local standing Bar
2. Restaurant in lantern alley
4. Secret dessert spot: two or three desserts, each with a secret ingredient, one hand-made drink
*We can make substitutions for food or drinks if you have any allergies

Drink examples: Beer, sake, Japanese cocktails, whiskey, etc.

If any one in your group is vegetarian, vegan, or has a gluten-free diet, we ask that you please book a private tour

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 14.55.23.png

Non smoking bar

Friendly and lively non-smoking bar!

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 14.55.08.png

Bar food

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Sitting Outside

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You can make yourself at home with kotasu in winter and open-air in summer time. We can enjoy both!

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Chocolate shop