Q  What do I do if there is no tour scheduled on my preferred date?

A  Please contact us. We may be able to open a tour for you!  


Q Where is the exact meeting place? 

A  We'll send you the exact meeting place and guide information after you complete your reservation. 


Q  Do we have to pay in advance?

A  Yes, we ask our guests to pay in advance to secure your spots.


Q  How big is a group?

A  Our tours are always made up of small groups. Minimum 2 and a maximum of 7 guests. Please contact us if you have a big group. 


Q  Can children join a night tour? 

A  We recommend a daytime tour if you have children under age 15. If you prefer a nighttime tour, children can enjoy a private Tokyo Wonderland tour. 


Q  Is there a special price for children or people who don't drink alcohol? 

A  For night tours, the price will be the same for everyone. We go to izakayas (pub restaurants), and a table charge and a drink order is mandatory for each person at every izakaya. If you have children under 12 joining the Tokyo Wonderland tour, a special price will apply. 


Q   Can I join a tour even with diet restrictions? 

A   Yes. We can substitute food if you have diet restriction. If you're vegetarian, we recommend The izakaya tour. For those on a gluten-free diet, we can arrange a private tour for you.  Please note that we will cooperate with restaurants and take extra care to meet your diet restriction, but we cannot guarantee that the restaurants will comply 100%, as the restaurants have small kitchen. There is still a small possibility that your allergen may be contained in your food.