Tour Schedule:

10:30pm – 2:00pm
(Please contact us if the tour isn't available on your preferred date )

Meeting Place:

Green Train Car (AKA the "Green Frog") outside of Shibuya Station (JR, Tokyu, Keio, and Tokyo Metro lines), near the Hachiko Exit


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Guest Requirements:

Minimum 2 people
(Everything is close by, with minimal walking) 


Adult: 12,000 yen/person
Child (under 12): 8,000 yen/person
Various food and drinks are included


Places to Visit & Examples of Food
"Depachika" (underground food floor of the station's department store) to try some food
Delicious chicken fingers with 10 different sauces
Sushi train restaurant with futuristic ordering
Monjayaki & okonomiyaki in a sit-down restaurant with a great view
Seasonal fruit sorbet and fresh fruits


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Walk & Food

We start our tour at in the underground food floor of the department store at the station. Enjoy seeing various types of food displayed very beautifully. We'll try fresh salad, sweet tomatoes, and some juicy dumplings. 

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Crossing Photo




Enjoy the view of the crossing from the rooftop of a nearby store. We'll connect our phone to the camera installed on the building to take fun photos overlooking the famous crosswalk. 

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Chicken Fingers with Flavorful Sauces

They fry our chicken fingers after we order, so you know they're fresh. Try out as many of the 10 different favors as you can and find your favorite. See if you can find the secret flavor...


Take a Break from the Heat

Cool down with a delicious and refreshing drink to recover from the heat while listening to the trendy music in a vibrant atmosphere.

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Sushi Train

Order sushi using a touch panel system and watch your sushi arrive on a train! There are so many types of sushi you can order, everyone is sure to find something they like!

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Monjayaki & Okonomiyaki

We make traditional Japanese savory pancakes together at this more-than-60-year old okonomiyaki restaurant. Enjoy a cold drink in the retro atmosphere here. When the pancake is ready to flip, we'll see who is confident enough to try and flip it. But be careful not to mess up!