Morning time - Tsukiji & Ginza

Tokyo’s iconic Fish Market; Tsukiji. After 83years of its history, The Inner Market has moved to Toyosu. Still, Outer Market (shopping & restaurant area open to public) is in Tsukiji, lively as it’s used to be. With our Tsukiji & Ginza tour, you will try various food and drinks. Fresh-cut tuna with wasabi root using a shark skin grinder. Seasonal fruit, egg omelet, king crab, grilled skewer, fresh sushi for breakfast and more! We will take a little walk to Ginza and you’ll have a special latte with “picture printed” on the top with eatable ink. The last place is “Depachika” which means basement of department store = various amazing food.

Daytime - Yanaka

Yanaka is a one of the few remaining shitamachi old town neighbourhoods which survived the Great Kanto Earthquake in early 1923. The atmosphere is quite different from the modern side of Tokyo, and you get the sense that you've traveled back in time to the good old times.We'll walk through a shopping street where locals buy their food from each of the many speciality stores, rather than from a large supermarket. For lunch, you will try one of the most popular ramen in Tokyo for lunch and some mochi sweets for dessert. Then it's a short walk through an area with many temples to reach our final destination: a nearly-100-year-old Japanese house that's been converted into a cafe.

Night time - The Izakaya

Experience the way locals eat and drink in Tokyo. We'll head to 3 very different but authentic izakaya - Japanese-style gastro pubs. We will take you to Ebisu where is known for Izakaya and named after famous beer “Yebisu”. We'll try a variety of food and drinks that local Japanese people eat on a daily basis, including yakitori grilled chicken skewers, draft beer, sashimi, Japanese cocktails, fried noodles, plum wine, and more! After eating and drinking to your heart's content, we'll finish the tour with Japanese sweets. From salty foods and refreshing drinks to pleasantly sweet desserts, you're sure to find yourself full and satisfied after this tour!

Night time - Tokyo Wonderland

Welcome to Tokyo Wonderland (Used to be called: Meg's neighborhood). Meg lives in Meguro which is 2 stations away from Shibuya. This area is becoming popular with Japanese young generation for atmosphere and various selection of restaurants. We take you to restaurants even Japanese people find unique.  Tempura restaurant with special way to order, local style teppanyaki, sake tasting, and dessert at hidden restaurant.This is a tour for people who want to explore new side of Tokyo.