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Toyosu & Tsukiji Market

Please send us an inquiry regarding tour date & start time
Recommended start time:
7:30am - 8:30am, 3.5 hours

●Meeting Place:
In front of Shijo-mae station
(Yurikamome Line)

2 guests: 44,000 yen
3 guests: 59,000 yen
4 guests: 72,000 yen
5 guests: 82,000 yen
6 guests: 93,000 yen
*From Aug 1st to Sep 30th +8% TAX
From Oct 1st +10% TAX

●Minumim: 2 people (Any age)

●What’s included:
Various kind of food and drinks (included breakfast) please find as below!

Meeting Point(We will wait with the sign board)

In front of Shijo-mae station (Yurikamome Line)


 Examples of Food & Drinks You'll Enjoy:

Egg omelette
Fish cake
Fresh tuna with fresh wasabi
Grilled skewers
Sushi for breakfast
Japanese sweets
Fresh seasonal fruits
Sake or beer if you like
Green tea
Bonito flakes and more

Places & Food examples


Toyosu Market

The guide will take you into to the Market even local people cannot get in.

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Tuna Wholesaler

You can watch sushi chefs, restaurants buy fish for the day.

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Fresh Tuna

Prepared just for you

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Fresh Wasabi

Grind wasabi root, and you’re ready to try your tuna!

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Time to taste

Amazing tuna! You’ll try both lean and fatty part.


Sushi for Breakfast

Enjoy amazing sushi at only 10 seat counter

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Grilled Scallops

Special flavor: Butter & Soy Sauce

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King Crab

Never frozen fresh king crab!

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Seasonal fruits, fun fruits

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Egg Omelette

Use special pan to make it

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Egg Omelette

You will try fresh and rich “dash” taste omelet!