Osaka Daytime Tour

We start the tour going to Temma Fresh Market which’s been there since 1654. Then you will try various Osaka soul food. Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki, and lots of others! it’s a mix of sit-down restaurants and street food while walking through the longest shopping street in Japan.

Tour Schedule

10:30am - 2:00pm

Meeting Point

McDonald’s Temma
(In front of JR Tenma Station)


Private Only
2 People = 440 USD
3 People = 550 USD
4 People = 638 USD
5 People = 715 USD
6 People = 792 USD
* 10% TAX included
*Various kinds of food are included

Examples of Food & Drinks You’ll Enjoy:
1. Temma Market: explore historical market, you can see various ingredients and Japanese cuisine (fresh fruit)
2. Okonomiyaki & Yakisoba: (restaurant since 1949) in a small alley
3. Supermarket: Very Osaka style
4.Takoyaki: Once it was on a Michelin guide book
5.Longest shopping street in Japan: try various food, shops along
6.Gyoza restaurant: Try gyoza and refreshing drink