Our Policy


All tours are to depart promptly from the meeting place at the scheduled time. Tour participants are expected to contact Oishii Tokyo Food Tours in instances of delayed arrival. In cases of lateness of 30 minutes or more or no-show, participants will not be able to join the tour. No rescheduling will be available and no refunds will be issued in such instances.


no refund

Cancellation within 24 hours: no refund

50 % refund

Cancellation within 48 hours: 50 % refund

full refund

Cancellation before 48 hours: full refund

* In case of cancellation, the PayPal handling fee (3.9 % of the total amount) will apply.
* In case of the large number group and busy season, the above policy will change


Oishii (Oishii Co., Ltd ) asks our guests to specify any food allergies at the time the guest makes a booking.
Prior to your tour we share that information with your guide, and also work with our restaurants to accommodate your needs. We strive to achieve the highest food hygiene standards on our tours.

However, we cannot guarantee 100% that your specified allergic ingredients won’t be included. Therefore you are responsible to bring any medication necessary to treat allergic reactions that you may have.

Oishii, your guide and restaurants do not accept responsibility for death or injury suffered from any food consumed, or reaction to any food-related allergy, on our tours. Further, we will not be held responsible for any illness caused by anything you have eaten or drank whilst on our tour, or death or any injury you may suffer for any reason, on our tours.

Therefore, we recommend that all tour participants have adequate insurance before taking the tour. By making payment to Oishii prior to your tour, you are accepting these terms and conditions.