Daytime Asakusa Vegan

Asakusa, known as a popular tourist destination, yet not many people know there are many fun stops for vegans. You can try various vegan food and drinks while strolling around this historical neighborhood. We’ll walk to the Kappabashi (kitchenware street) area. We can walk you to Tawaramachi station (1 stop away from Asakusa) at the end of the tour or you can stay in Kappabashi for kitchenware shopping.
You will discover the other side of Asakusa and learn about Japanese vegan scene.

Tour Schedule

(Group:Friday only)
10:30am - 2:00pm
(Private:Friday & Saturday)
10:30am - 2:00pm

Meeting Point

In front of Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center


<Number of the guests :

Min 2 - Max 6 guests>

13,200 yen (120 USD)/guest

*Over 13 years old guests can participate
*USD price is as of Apr, 5th 2021. (1USD=110 yen)
It changes depends on the market.
*10% TAX included
*Various kinds of foods and drinks are included


<Number of the guests : 

At your request>

2 People = 44,000 yen (400 USD)
3 People = 55,000 yen (500 USD)
4 People = 63,800 yen (580 USD)
5 People = 71,500 yen (650 USD)
*USD price is as of Apr, 5th 2021. (1USD=110 yen)
It changes depends on the market.
*More than 6 guests, the price will be same as group tour
*10 % TAX included
*Various kinds of food and drinks are included

Examples of Food & Drinks You’ll Enjoy:

  • Vegan ramen
  • Sweet potato donuts
  • Onigiri rice ball
  • Maccha drink
  • Sake tasting
  • Tokoroten(seaweed jelly)
  • Rainbow cake
  • Japanese snacks
    and more!