Yanaka Walking

Yanaka is a one of the few remaining shitamachi old town neighbourhoods which survived the Great Kanto Earthquake in early 1923. The atmosphere is quite different from the modern side of Tokyo, and you get the sense that you’ve traveled back in time to the good old times.We’ll walk through a shopping street where locals buy their food from each of the many speciality stores, rather than from a large supermarket.
For lunch, you will try one of the most popular ramen in Tokyo for lunch and some mochi sweets for dessert. Then it’s a short walk through an area with many temples to reach our final destination: a nearly-100-year-old Japanese house that’s been converted into a cafe.

Tour Schedule

10:30am - 2:00pm
11:00am - 2:30pm

Meeting Point

JR Nippori Station North Gate
(It's JR Yamanote, NIPPORI station NOT NISHI-NIPPORI station. )


<Number of the guests :

Min 2 - Max 8 guests>

13,200 yen (120 USD)/adult
8,800 yen (80 USD)/child (7-12 years old)
5,500 yen (50 USD)/child (3-6 years old)
*USD price is as of Apr, 5th 2021. (1USD=110 yen)
It changes depends on the market.
*10% TAX included
*Various kinds of foods and drinks are included


<Number of the guests : 

At your request>

2 People = 44,000 yen (400 USD)
3 People = 55,000 yen (500 USD)
4 People = 63,800 yen (580 USD)
5 People = 71,500 yen (650 USD)
*USD price is as of Apr, 5th 2021. (1USD=110 yen)
It changes depends on the market.
*More than 6 guests, the price will be same as group tour
*For children guests(3-12 years old),
around 22 USD discount per child will be applied
*10 % TAX included
*Various kinds of food and drinks are included

Examples of Food & Drinks You’ll Enjoy:
  • Meat croquettes
  • Karaage fried chicken
  • Seasonal sashimi
  • Ramen
  • Takoyaki
  • Gyoza dumplings
  • Mochi daifuku
  • Senbei rice crackers
  • Japanese sweet pancakes with red beans
  • Seasonal fruits
  • Some of the Drinks You’ll Try:
  • Sake
  • Locally roasted, freshly brewed coffee
  • Craft beer or unique soft drinks  
  • Japanese soft drink tasting (for children)
*We can make substitutions for food or drinks if you have any allergies Drink examples: Beer, sake, Japanese cocktails, whiskey, etc.