whisky Experience

Reflecting cultural traits of patience and artesian craftsmanship, Japanese Whisky has steadily worked its way up into the world’s Top 5.
Our knowledgeable guide will convey you through a Whisky journey of taste and atmosphere, conjuring up within you a sense of time and J-uniqueness. From hidden-gem micro distilleries to well known brands, experience quality and variety, collecting within you a sense for the growing momentum of Japanese whisky. 

Tour Schedule

4:50pm - 9:00pm

Meeting Point

Taco bell Shiodome


Private Only

2 People = 715 USD
3 People = 935 USD
4 People = 1,100 USD
5 People = 1,320 USD
6 People = 1,518 USD
*Over 18 years old guests can participate
* 10% TAX included
*Various kinds of food are included

Place to Visit / Food Example

1. Start with a drink at a bar on 46th floor with view (ex: Beer, Yoichi, Hibiki 17)
2. Local food and drink under the train track + Delicious gyoza takeout
3. Koryoriya (higher class of Izakaya for various food & drink)
4. Micro distillery whisky tasting (ex: Ichiro’s malt, others) + Pork cutlet sandwich
5. Whisky tasting at hidden bar (ex: Yamasaki 1, Taketsuru 21)